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How Netflix Thinks of DevOps

In this video, Mr.Dave Hahn briefs about how one completely interpret the concept of DevOps by taking Netflix as its case study. This is mainly because the software engineering process of Netflix shows a primary understanding of DevOps thinking and also focuses on attributes in an automated fashion. He beings by showcasing scenarios and news […]Read More

The Paved PaaS To NodeJS Microservices (JavaScript @ Netflix)

In this talk Yunong Xiao describes how abstracting away the infrastructure and common platform components by using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model can enable service owners to increase both velocity and reliability. Towards the end of the previous presentation Mastering Chaos – A Netflix Guide to Microservices, which provides a complete overview of […]Read More

How to build a movie review app with Azure Cosmos

In this video, Matthew Soucoup explains how he mashed together three Azure services, namely the Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and Azure AD B2C to create a movie review application using Xamarin Forms. At 0:54, he states that the movie review app was intended to run successfully on multiple platforms at once, and begins to […]Read More