SnapRoute – Networking for the Distributed Cloud

Acquired by Infoblox in Nov 2019, SnapRoute is elevating the network into the cloud native era.

Delivering the industry’s first Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS), SnapRoute’s unique containerized microservices architecture and embrace of DevOps principles, empowers companies to accelerate application time to service, enhance security and compliance, and improve run-time operations to drive business velocity and growth.

Cloud Native Networking

Snaproute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS)

  • Built on containerized, microservices architecture.
  • Embedded Kubernetes functionality to enable deployment and management of networks using DevOps toolchains, in addition to traditional means (e.g. CLI); unifying the infrastructure operating model and enabling CI/CD for infrastructure.
  • Distributed control and data planes with standard protocols. No reliance on centralized controller.
  • Economics that enable cost effective deployment to hundreds or thousands of points of presence.

SnapRoute CN-NOS Demonstration with Adam Casella

This is a demo using a BGP topology with CN-NOS running on Edgecore whitebox switches and Ixia traffic generators. Presented by Adam Casella, Co-Founder and CTO.

Ease of device management using both industry-standard CLI and native Kubernetes support is highlighted. Hitless upgrades of containerized adjacency and BGP microservices with live data-plane traffic shown. DevOps tool integration realized with streaming telemetry into InfuxDB, Grafana, and log aggregation using FluentD into an ELK stack.

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