17 November, 2019


A CBPN best practices guide for Cloud Native Computing

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Best Practices for the New Paradigm of Enterprise Computing.

Embracing a new, common enterprise computing platform defined through the development of Cloud aware, Serverless and Microservices-based applications, managed through container platforms like Kubernetes.

  • Detailed case study analysis of leading pioneers like Netflix, HSBC, and Skyscanner. Eight Youtube case study reviews, walking through how they code, build and deploy via Cloud Native principles.
  • Architecture and implementation blueprints, for key capabilities such as large scale container deployment and management, through transforming legacy ‘monolithic’ code to a microservices architecture.

A New Era

Cloud Native Computing is a very technical topic, covering infrastructure through software architecture, but also we set out to cover the broader strategic market perspective, the competitive advantages that a Cloud Native capability brings.

As Accenture describe in their white paper:

Cloud-native computing is the latest wave of digital disruption. Being digital means moving from surface-level efficiency plays to true transformation. Both new entrants and incumbents are using digital to drive business advantage. They are redefining the rules, roles and resources to become giants of disruption.

Learn – How to Code Like Netflix

The backbone of the course is extensive coverage of the Cloud Native journey of Netflix, the poster child pioneer of the trend.

Our e-learning course provides a holistic analysis of the full Cloud Native stack, how to adopt these new practices into your organization and use case solution blueprints for implementation on providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.